Our Mission

To provide the moving picture industry with music and audio that fulfills needs. Achieving this through technological and creative awareness which will problem-solve for our clients and inspire audiences.

Jamyama Studios

Our studio is equipped with the latest, state of the art music and audio production technology, utilising the latest software models of legacy and modern hardware, not to mention the use of in-house proprietary soundware. Coupled with some of the most advanced synthesis, sampling and hybrid tools available, we strive to ensure that creativity at Jamyama Studios remains a potent mix. Cutting edge creative tools and rapid, seemingly transparent workflow allows us the versatility to explore any possibility.

By design, all of our operations reside within a file based, digital environment and are created within the ‘digital domain’. That is to say, all of the instruments, processing and production processes are handled by, are a result of, or are software. To our advantage, the studio environment has evolved into a powerful ‘control centre’. Aside from a collection of some vintage hardware, outboard equipment can be kept to a minimum and of course, being file based, there is instant recall of any stored process or parameter. Because of this, clients can benefit from an extremely quick turnaround. Vital in today’s competitive, time constrained industries.


'I am always impressed with the quality of work from Jamyama studios - each and every time it blows me away. Working with them is always a smooth and painless process and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Jamyama's work for us takes our project to the next level, bringing a sense of professionalism to the project that fills me with pride.' .....

Mark Chatterley - InEar Entertainment Ltd.

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