Biography of Pete Bayliss. Composer, Sound Designer, Producer

Pete is a Welsh composer, sound designer and producer. A keyboard player for over 30 years and a veteran within rock and electronic genres.

His interest in music and audio began at the age of 7 when he discovered the piano and remembers falling in love with all of the sounds and dynamics that it produced. From that early age, Pete has possessed an ability to visualise sounds, appearing as fleeting shapes and colours in the mind's eye. This is a reason why a fascination with keyboards and synthesisers took hold, citing Jean Michel Jarre's Oxygene and Equinox albums as initial catalysts. This curious gift has certainly helped him on his way in visualising and creating unique sounds and imagining new sound design possibilities with rich atmospheric textures and transportative ambiances.

He spent much of his teens and twenties playing in various rock bands with varied influences such as T-Rex, ELO, Queen, ELP and Pink Floyd. During the early 90's when many bands struggled to resist the Grunge explosion, new avenues were explored. With the rock bias in full swing, a developing technical knowledge and expanding arsenal of keyboards and sequencers, branched deeper into electronic and ambient music, seeking underground scenes. The John Peel Show became a fond source of music discovery back then.

Pete is a composer, sound designer and producer based near Cardiff. A keyboard player for over 30 years and a veteran within Rock and Electronic genres.

He developed a unique sound by fusing Dark Ambience with Progressive Rock, and with great effect. Working alongside some of the most talented musicians in the South Wales area, this fusion led to numerous recordings in studios and live environments around the U.K. A highlight was recording at the historic BBC Maida Vale Studios, where recordings were broadcast on the BBC Radio 1 Friday Rock Show back in 1992.

Life in a band continued unabated until 2000, when Pete took the natural next steps, leaving the live music scene to pursue an increasing desire to dive further into emerging production technologies.

He formed Jamyama Studios in 2010. His mission:

"to provide the moving picture industry with music and audio that fulfills needs. Achieving this through technological and creative awareness which will problem-solve for clients and inspire audiences."

Although having musical roots firmly established within Rock and Electronic genres, discovery and progression remain paramount. He loves nothing better than to pull things apart, mix it all up and experiment. He continues to cultivate deep interest in other styles including Ambient, Electronica, Acoustic, Neo-Classical, Ethnic and New Age. He has developed into an experienced, highly adaptable and forward thinking composer, sound designer and producer.

Pete lives deep in the heart of the South Wales Valleys and isn't short of fresh air, green open spaces and the natural compulsion to explore.

He continues to walk his own distinctive path.....

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