Music and Audio Production Services

From original music scores, production music, trailer music to sonic branding and sound effects design. We bring every facet of what we do into focus and tailor it specifically for you, to help you create something unique and memorable.

Original Music Scores

We can custom score for a variety of media platforms including film, television, gaming, advertising, radio, corporate video and online media. We have also provided for launch events, exhibitions and demonstrations. We don't claim to 'do everything', but we cover an array of styles from electronic, rock, acoustic, hybrid, new-age to the avant-garde.

Innovation and discovery are paramount and we love nothing better than to pull things apart, mix it all up and experiment - So long as it fits - so long as you're happy.

Sound Design

Often our work resides in a place where music and sound design meet and intertwine. Creating atmospheres and instances that reach out to you, transporting you to another place. Could be real, could be imaginary. Our job is to seek out and create those experiences.

From an atmospheric, dramatic soundscape to the impact of an audio sting, we offer a sound effects design service that adds depth to any visual or audible media. We don't rely on 3rd party libraries for this as we have the tools necessary to record and modify sound from subtle to the extreme.

Check out what we did here.

We wanted to see how far a single sample could be manipulated. This haunting, unnerving piece of music was derived entirely from a single snip of audio (the piano note at the beginning). No other sounds were used.

Production Music & SFX Libraries

Our existing works are available for immediate licensing. From still, melodic soundscapes, field recordings to something a little more upbeat or dramatic, we provide an eclectic mix of production music and stock sound effects, all recorded and produced with the same high end equipment and level of care as our commissioned works.

Dramatic & Hybrid - now available on AudioJungle

Dramatic & Hybrid

Coupled with synth backbones and heavy orchestral riffs, with even a little quietness in places, this will reach your audience on many levels.

Available now on:

Hybrid & Epic - now available on AudioJungle
Enter Dystopia - now available on AudioJungle

Enter Dystopia

Enter Dystopia is a collection of dark soundscapes, transitions and atmospheres with a very unnerving and overwhelming feel.

Available now on:

Enter Dystopia - now available on AudioJungle
Radiophonica - - now available on AudioJungle


Inspired by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. This collection is made up of various electrical, interference driven, sounds with a modern twist.

Available now on:

Radiophonica - - now available on AudioJungle
Nature - now available on AudioJungle


I haven’t traveled the world to bring you these, but what I’ve found on my own doorstep has opened my eyes (and my ears) to the world around.

Available now on:

Nature - now available on AudioJungle

You'll also find our music and sound libraries available on SoundVault and Luckstock.

Audio Clean up, Restoration and Repair

We are equipped to deal with virtually any imperfection in existing audio and can clean up and restore any audio into a pristine digital state. Unwanted noise and sounds such as squeaks, pops, hiss, crackles or any interfering sounds can be isolated and eradicated from a recording, leaving only the audio you need.

See if you can spot the difference in the following piece of audio.


'Anytime Films have used Jamyama Studios on a number of occasions to produce bespoke music for our films. Jamyama have consistently delivered the goods in a personable, practical and pragmatic way. We would have no worries in recommending their awesome services.' .....

Nathan Webb - Director, Anytime Films Ltd.

If you are in need of flexible, quick turnaround, budget friendly services, do get in touch. We'll be happy to assist.

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